The days are getting shorter as autumn takes its time in getting here. Our clocks turn back tonight to standard time and that’s when we’ll really notice the downshift to cooler days and nights. After such a hot and humid summer, it's a very welcome change Sydney summers tend to be exhausting for me because of the humidity and heat, both of which wreak havoc on my joints and muscles. My friends here think I’m a bit this side totally nutty to prefer cooler days and nights, but the thing is that you can rug up against the cold mornings and cooler days. It’s pretty difficult to escape the heat or humidity unless you don’t mind sitting in air-conditioned offices all day. Though come to think of it, most of them do … I like this time of year because it’s comfortable to walk in and afternoon walks are especially my favourite because of the way the light changes.
Ten years. 3562 days. On this day back in 2005, life was disrupted with four words: “You have rheumatoid arthritis.” I remember how daunting that felt and the real fear that came with learning that this was an incurable disease, so as the anniversary of the diagnosis approached, I wanted to be able to honour the journey I’ve been on ever since and just shine a little light out into the world. It’s been a tough decade, no doubt, but it’s also been a fairly rewarding one.