I am a writer, an observer and in my heart, a traveller. After a very short stint as a cog in the wheel of Corporate Australia, I spent nearly a decade immersing myself in different cultures with nothing more than the objective of being able to discover, explore, hang out and meet new people. Along the way I built a living helping other people to write for their business and tell their brand stories.

One of the best things about writing and travel is that it taught me how to deal with the unexpected, to be better planned, to embrace serendipitous moments when they happen and to accept that the only thing we can control in this life is how we respond to change.

There’s a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in.

When autoimmune disease came knocking, these were valuable lessons to have. For the record, I have rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimotos disease and fibromyalgia, each of which brought with them immense change – and a lot of those unexpected, sometimes serendipitous moments. So I’ve responded by continuing to write and travel when I can, nurturing my balcony garden along to produce fresh food, and when I can handle a camera, take photographs.

And to my nickname? A friend of mine once said, “You crack me up Betty!” and the nickname CrackedBetty kind of stuck. It was one of those ridiculous moments that happen when you’re in a foreign place and maybe you had to be there 😉